Protect Your Skin With Arbonne Gelée And Feel Fabulous!

Are the hot summer days playing havoc with your skin? With the temperature rising, it takes a little extra effort to stay looking radiant. Being out in the heat of the sunshine or working in an air-conditioned office can quickly dry out the sensitive skin on your face, arms and legs.

Left untreated your skin can become dull, lacklustre, drained, cracked, peeling and less supple. Has anyone recently said – “you look tired”, yet you feel fine? It could be your skin is talking for you and even though you feel ok, underneath the surface, your body is calling out to be rescued.

Why Detox?

One of the signs we’re dehydrated is when our skin feels tight, has dimples, or the dark circles under our eyes just won’t go away. The good news is our skin is very clever at renewing itself and regaining elasticity. Using a detox gelée hydrates, cools and refreshes your skin bringing it back to a radiant glow. If you’ve got sunburn, applying a small amount to the affected skin will make a big difference.

Using a detox gelée hydrates, cools and refreshes your skin bringing it back to a radiant glow
Using a detox gelée hydrates, cools and refreshes your skin bringing it back to a radiant glow

What Makes It So Good?

Inside Arbonne’s Rescue and Renew Gelée you’ll find a delicious botanical mix of extracts of dandelion, turmeric and ginger root, an all-natural blend of detoxifying ingredients. There’s a blend of orange, lavender, grapefruit and tangerine essential oils designed to create a delightful aroma and a sense of real relaxation.

You’ll also notice the pale green colour. This comes from the green algae ingredient, which replenishes your skin’s natural lipid barrier with layers of moisturisation to protect your skin from dryness. Rescue and Renew Gelée contains shea butter, caffeine, malachite and plenty of Vitamin E to bring out the best in your skin.

Feel Fabulous!

I find working indoors can make my skin dry. If there’s the opportunity, you’ll find me working outside, either from my laptop or using my time twice making calls whilst walking Missy in our local park. I’ve been using Arbonne’s Rescue and Renew Gelée every day for the last few months and the difference it has made to my skin has been amazing!

Dark circles, dull skin, aching muscles and even reactions to creature bites are no longer a problem. Using the gelée in the morning means I feel refreshed and ready for the day. Then in the evening I can reapply the gelée, so it replenishes moisture in my skin overnight.

If I’m feeling indulgent, I can choose one of the complementary Arbonne products, the Rescue and Renew Face Mask, Rescue and Renew Soak and Rescue and Renew Lotion to give my skin a well-earned treat.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes I need an excuse to buy something for myself and sometimes I buy treats when I’ve achieved a milestone in my business, gaining a new client, finishing a project, especially if I’ve needed to work long hours to achieve the goal.

It’s so much easier buying a gift for someone else! I’ve introduced Arbonne to my family and friends and they love trying the latest products. As well as running Focus Guru, I’m an Arbonne Consultant helping both men and women with health, nutrition and skincare. Through Arbonne’s range of 100% Vegan and cruelty-free products I can guide you to a healthier lifestyle, giving you more energy and more time to feel fabulous.

If you’d like to know more about Rescue and Renew products, or if you’d like a free 15 minute consultation to find out how being an Arbonne Consultant can make a big difference in your life, please contact me on 07756 772950.

Rachael Chiverton, Focus Guru – Giving You Your Time, Your Way