How To Use Time Management Effectively When Contacting Your Target Audience

Unless you’re a Time Lord, you’ll only have 24 hours in the day and 7 days in the week available to contact your target audience. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a time machine you could use to generate more hours in the day?

What would you do with all the extra hours?

I know I’d use the time for more dog walks with Leo and spend more time with my friends. Maybe spending more time with your friends is one of your goals too. Or perhaps your goals are to go on holiday, learn a new language or play competitive sport.

To achieve your goals within the constraints of our 24 hour day and 7 day week is when having effective time management is an essential skill. Using effective time management enables you to maximise your working hours and achieve more in less time. Having fixed deadlines certainly helps.

When coaching business owners through my Focus Guru Power Hours, I ask them the same question – what would you do with all the extra hours – and then share my proven, easy to implement, time management strategies using software and systems to reclaim lost minutes and hidden hours.

One tip I can share today is about using time management to contact your audience. If you’ve been to a networking meeting, or attended a speed networking event, you’ll probably have several people you want to follow up with. You might want to follow up with everyone. But this takes time. Sometimes it can be overwhelming thinking about starting, and that can be when procrastination sets in and it’s a lot easier to do something else instead.

A simple equation can help.

If you have one person to follow up with, you might allow five minutes to draft an email, or perhaps allow twenty minutes for a follow up phone call. On this basis, you might be able to send twelve emails per hour or have three follow up phone calls. That’s a “best case” scenario as you’ll probably want a comfort break or a fresh cup of tea. So you might achieve ten emails or two phones call per hour.

In comparison, you might spend an hour creating content for a mailshot to send to a thousand of your contacts (your target audience) and send it out. This is called following up “one to many” instead of “one to one” or “121”. Both methods are effective when contacting your target audience and you may choose to implement both methods into your marketing and sales strategy.

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Rachael Chiverton, Focus Guru – Giving You Your Time, Your Way,