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Focus Guru – 52 Ways To Achieve Your Work Life Balance

An unplanned road trip and a chance meeting on the networking circuit brought  friendship, business and the exciting opportunity to collaborate writing the “Focus Guru” series of books.

Inside “52 Ways To Achieve Your Work/Life Balance”, you’ll get instant access to some of our real-world tips you can use to achieve your own work/life balance.

❎You don’t have to be short of time to read this book

❎You don’t have to have oodles of time to read this book

❎You don’t have to be struggling with your work/life balance to read this book.

Whether you read the whole book in a sitting, or read one suggestion a week, you’ll find practical examples and engaging visuals on every page.

This book is your opportunity to see things differently on your journey to achieve your dream work/life balance.

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