Focus on Follow Up

Are you attending an Expo or show this year?

Exhibiting at an Expo this year?
Speed networking at an Expo this year

If Yes, have you planned how to maximise the opportunity to build your list?

Keith did just this, he had booked a stand at the British Revival Show in March. He had the complete registration list and the list of people who attended his stand.

He sent them to me who set up 2 mailing lists.

Email Campaign Analytics
Set up 2 email lists and sent 2 emails.

The people who visited his stand she drafted an email which included, “my PA will call you within the next 7 days”.

When this was sent out, Keith received some replies asking for him to contact them directly, not his PA and everyone else when contacted was happy to stay on his mailing list with no-one asking to never be contacted again.

The list of all registered attendees, over 6,000 people, she emailed saying “the only bad thing about the show was not seeing your smiling face. “ Less than 1% of people unsubscribed.

If you are going to a show but don’t want to do the heavy lifting after exhibiting, let me do that for you.