Time Vs Money - accountability could be the answer

How to Make More Money in the Same Time

Does it sound too good to be true to think you can make more money in the same time? How can it be true? What’s the catch? If it’s true why isn’t everyone doing this?

The answer is it’s easy to become complacent. We can fall into the trap of thinking the way things are is the way things will always be. If we earn enough to keep our heads above water, isn’t that ok?

Perhaps in the short term it’s ok. However, life doesn’t stand still. The cost of living goes up. Unexpected and unpredictable things can happen. We may have larger expenses, or we may simply want bigger and better things. This all costs money.

It stands to reason that if we can’t make more time, then we need to make more money in the same time. We can take on extra shifts or work longer hours, but in the long run this isn’t sustainable and working harder and harder will eventually take its toll on our health, family, relationships, friendships and business.

It doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, I’ve helped several people exceed their expectation of how much they can earn in their lifetime. It can come as a big surprise when you realise you could be earning more money doing the same thing or by introducing small changes into your daily habits and routines.

Time Vs Money - accountability could be the answer
Time Vs Money – accountability could be the answer

One of the key questions I ask is “have you considered increasing your prices?”. This simple question often initially meets some resistance. It triggers a fear of losing customers and a fear of not being able to attract new customers.

The reality is that prices go up (and down) all the time. Customers are reasonably tolerant of price changes providing they can see the reason and a benefit to them.


Include No-Cost Extras

An easy way to make a price increase more palatable is to include no-cost extras. I can help you find these within your business and show you how to turn the no-cost extras into selling points in your online and offline marketing messages to customers and prospective customers.

Remember, if you mention prices in your contract, or if a customer has signed up with you to pay an agreed amount, you will need to give them notice of a price increase. Please get in touch if you would like me to check the small print within your contract and make recommendations if your current contract has clauses which need to change to accommodate any price changes.

Reduce Your Costs

Another easy way to make more money is simply to reduce your costs. If you can negotiate a better discount, or find a cheaper supplier, you can save tens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds. Just by shopping around, comparing prices and asking for discounts you may uncover hidden savings. I recommend reviewing your costs at least once a year. This applies to home purchases as well as business suppliers.

A good example is checking for the best petrol prices in the local area, not just stopping at the nearest garage. Another example is finding the most cost-effective supplier for office stationery as costs can vary, especially if you can afford to buy in bulk. Shopping around for quotes when buying machinery or technology can lead to considerable savings. Recently I bought a new laptop and saved money by checking the features offered by different vendors for the same product.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Have a think about how well you use your time, do you procrastinate? If you’re overwhelmed do you go to social media for a scroll?

Thought about having an accountability buddy?

Here’s what Julie from Relaxologies said about working with me:

“Rachael has been my accountability buddy for a few months now. I’ve not only taken responsibility for making the most of my time and energy but I’ve learned so much about myself.

I’ve learned
1. where I’m wasting time doing the things that aren’t going to get my closer to my goals
2. how to prioritise my self-care which means I have more energy to complete my tasks
3. taking time for mindfulness practices helps my motivation and keeps me engaged in my tasks
4. how to not give myself such a hard time when things don’t go to plan
5. how to break down tasks into easier steps to create momentum towards success

Rachael’s spreadsheet is now always open on my laptop and keeping my eye on and updating it gives me a little dopamine rush.

She has a great way of talking me out of energy slump and this helps me to think more laterally on how to boost my energy levels and motivation in a way that suits me.

Thank you Rachael :-)”

Want to know more, check out my group accountability package.