Banner & some attendees from FOCC launch 15/03

Focus on Connections

Welcome to a completely new way to build your Business!
Welcome to:

Focus on Connections Club

πŸ” What makes us unique?

  • 5 appointments in a 60-minute meeting
  • Social connections over a meal
  • Support from a vibrant local community
  • 2 locations to network
  • One simple monthly payment for everything
  • Banner & some attendees from FOCC launch 15/03
    Attendees FOCC Banner

β€œBest hour of organised chaos ever!”

πŸš€ Benefits for Your Business:

  • Increase sales and raise awareness of your products/services
  • Expand your sales team effortlessly
  • Enjoy a casual, friendly, yet professional atmosphere
  • An open but restricted networking event ( not single seat but also not only accountants!)

🌟Early Bird Offer: Network for less than £16 a week!

Ready to make 2024 your year of connections and growth? Secure your spot now and let’s propel your business forward together.

β€œFast paced genuine connections and loved the random group 121”

The details:

The formal meeting is an hour long (11:30 – 12:30 pm)

3 x Connect & Chat – (groups of 4 or 5, pulled together by
drawing business cards left at the door – so totally
random connections & chat)

2 x Connect Plus – (choose who you want a 5 minute
further chat with from your Connect & Chat group)

Connect me to round

Win of the week (doesn’t have to be a business win)

Concludes with 30 minute of Social Connections over food.

2 location subscriptions

Food is included

Quarterly “NECK”working events, self funded socials predominately at independent pubs within walking distance of either Macclesfield or Stockport train station.

When requested a Subscriber Brain Storm Event after the meeting has formally ended on your speciality knowledge.Β  (Tickets for this may also be sold separately if you wish)

Restricted to 40 businesses maximum (so no need to feel overwhelm)

One simple monthly payment for everything allowing you to budget and plan your marketing cost.


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