Staying Safe With “No Touch” Deliveries From Arbonne

After the Easter holidays and with Covid-19 ever present, it’s even more important to be aware of our physical boundaries, giving space between each other to reduce the spread of infection. We’re being recommended to allow at least two metres distance between people from different households, not to meet in groups and to stay indoors. So, it’s inevitable that our online shopping has soared as we seek to buy things to keep us nourished, occupied and entertained.

Recent statistics suggest that we’ve been buying more than usual for this time of the year. Some sales figures suggest our online shopping in March and April will be comparable with our usual Christmas spending amounts. While this is great news for online retailers and food distributors, it can present problems on our doorstep.

Proud to be an Arbonne Independent consultant
Proud to be an Arbonne Independent consultant

We’re used to greeting delivery men and women, to reaching out to accept our parcels in our hands. For many deliveries we’re using the stylus attached to the cord to squiggle our name. The same stylus someone else used to accept the parcel before ours and same stylus someone else will use after us. This shared object, the one we all use, can be a bearer of germs and potentially a risk for the vulnerable. Not to mention the overall risks to the delivery person being in close range with so many people in different parts of the country all in one day.

The good news is that many companies have relaxed their rules about signed for deliveries. Protecting both the delivery person and the recipient, parcels are being left on doorsteps, in greenhouses, garages, garden sheds and with neighbours. Arbonne is one of the companies advocating the no-touch delivery method and working hard to protect all customers.

It’s times like these when I’m proud to be an Arbonne Independent Consultant. I know that every order my customers place will be treated with the utmost care and attention. I trust that every parcel will reach the person who has ordered it, whether for themselves or for a friend or family member. I am especially glad to see more orders being placed on behalf of others.

It’s a sign that even with the most stringent lockdown our country has faced so far that we still care for others. We still want to show our love and appreciation sending gifts through the post even though we can’t currently exchange presents in person.

If you would like to send a special gift to your parents, grandparents, brother, sister, colleague or customer, I can thoroughly recommend the range of sustainable, environmentally friendly skin, bath and beauty products in the Arbonne collection. You may also find something to treat yourself while the lockdown continues.

To find out more, please give me a call on 07756 772950. I can arrange for your Arbonne order to arrive at a home or work address, or to be posted to a destination of your choice. I am proud to be an independent consultant for Arbonne and can answer any questions you may have about the products, the science, sustainability and environmental difference Arbonne are making in our ever-changing world.