Procrastination, Overwhelm and dog walks!

For this months blog I wanted to look at how recovering from the Leo & the Lion incident related to the processes, systems and mindset that my clients focus on.

How did I get back to walking leo?

I’ve had to learn to take things one stage at a time whilst still recovering from the incident with Leo & the Lion! What do I mean by that? Well when you have a knee that makes you go Oww when ever you walk down a pavement, walk too fast, turn only the top half of your body to look behind to see if it’s safe to cross a road then you have to be careful and plan your routes.

What it has meant for me in the last 8 weeks, was the first 5 weeks I wasn’t walking Leo at all, in fact I was resting my knee so the healing process could start. Over the last 3 weeks I started by going out with various people whilst they walked Leo with me accompanying them at the speed I was comfortable with.

Next came me having Leo when he was on “dog time” which is when he’s allowed to snip and roam to the extent of the lead but no more. It’s his freedom time, it’s the time when predominately the lead is slack and he doesn’t pull.

Then only this week I’ve started walking him with someone else with me. So I predominately have Leo the second half of the walk, once he’s burnt off his over enthusiastic start to the walk and he’s had his “dog time” so is more capable of walking at the pace I want to go at.

What the heck has any of this got to do with business?

I regularly work on my clients, especially those who procrastinate or suffer from overwhelm, by looking at the tasks they have on their achievement list and we review why they aren’t achieving them.

Predominately it’s because they are too large.

Overwhelm about decluttering an office

A cluttered office or home creates a cluttered mind. If you have a clear desk, you also have less on your mind.

By having a sort out and a tidy round you will feel more relaxed, more focused and more energised.

Also you won’t be thinking “I still need to do that” or “When will I get time to sort this out”

By clearing your home or office, you will be clearing your mind and freeing up mental space and you’ll have better focus on your current task.

If this seems like a massive task to sort a room, chunk it down.

Disorganised shelves can give a sense of overwhelm
Disorganised shelves can give a sense of overwhelm
Organised Shelves organised mind
Organised Shelves organised mind
Chunk it down

Rather than think I need to tidy the office, focus on a shelf, a drawer, one corner of your desk.

Once you’ve achieved sorting that out celebrate, make yourself a brew, sit in the garden and listen to the birds for 5 minutes, tell someone you’ve done it.

By celebrating this small chunk you’ll be more motivated to achieve another chunk and before you know it you’ll have tidied your whole office!

I’d love to hear from you about what task, personal or business you’ve chunked down and achieved this week. Why not book in a call with myself to share your success, or struggles with chunking it down?

As always I appreciate your time is limited and I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog.