New Business Process have you implemented one?

Starting a new business can be a complicated minefield, especially if it’s your first business venture after a lifetime of employment. You’re setting things up from scratch and no-one’s telling you what to do, how to do it or when. A new business process is a structured way to start your business the right way.

A Focus Guru Power Hour will help you get the right processes and procedures in place.

To help new business owners, especially those starting MLM businesses. I can provide a no-nonsense look at effective and proven strategies to manage your productivity, energy and time. I’ll help identify your time thieves, brain drains and squirrels.  I will show you software and tools to make the most of your working hours. Not sure what I mean by Squirrels, then check out my blog “Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel! How to Beat Your Distracting Squirrels

I give you control of your time, freeing up hours so you do the things you really want to be. It starts with the “Right Attitude”.

New Business Process – Right Attitude

I believe everything starts with the right attitude and it comes down to the way that you speak to yourself. If you say, “it’s too difficult” or “I haven’t got time” or “I’ll do it tomorrow”, your brain listens and the task becomes more difficult, time consuming or never gets started. Equally, don’t listen to the nay-sayers and negative people who, if you let them, will erode your positivity.

The right attitude starts with confidence and self-belief.”

New Business Process – Track Your Progress

Almost anything within your business can be tracked, monitored and adjusted where necessary. At Focus Guru I help business owners track everything from tasks, to time, to sales, marketing and accounts. Everything is measurable eg visual charts / graphs gives you an overview of your current and projected workload and finances. Would you like to know how much time you give your number one client each month? Or whether you’re on target for this week’s sales? I can show you software tools and apps to measure your progress and I will work with you to help you stay on track.

Without tracking, how do you know how you’re doing?”


It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your business or have been running multiple companies for years, at some point you’ll find you can’t grow while trying to do everything yourself. You’ll either run out of time, or energy, or both.  At the same time the quality of the products or service you’re providing may suffer. Consequently your customers may leave to go elsewhere. I work with business owners to identify key areas that can be outsourced. Review and set up safety nets.  You will see how much you’re saving in time or money compared with doing the tasks yourself.

Never outsource something you don’t know how to do yourself.”

Not sure how you could chose what to outsource, check out my blog “How A Time Intensity Grid Will Help You Choose What To Outsource

These are just some of the tips I give you in the Focus Guru Power Hours. If you’re starting out in business or fancy a fresh look at how technology could save you time and money, please book in a free 15 minute call.

Rachael Chiverton, Focus Guru – Giving You Your Time, Your Way with No Squirrels