Fed up of not having enough hours in the day to do the things you really want to do?

We live in a busy world and it can be overwhelming at times. There’s always a rush to do something or to be somewhere. Are you fed up of not having enough hours in the day to do the things you really want to do? Do you need more time, more energy, and more focus?

I’m Rachael Chiverton – Focus Guru and I can help you find extra hours in your day. It might seem like magic, but I will show you how to make the best use of your time so you can achieve all of your goals and much more.

Rachael’s butt-kicking, no-nonsense, organised approach has held myself and my team of six accountable. This alone is saving me over £2000 per month!” – Adrian Savage

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Focus Guru provides:

  • Ways to use your time twice

  • Understanding task prioritisation

  • Using technology and systems

  • Developing streamlined processes

  • Creating easy to follow procedures

  • Nutrition advice for maximum performance

  • Balanced energy levels to stay on top of your game

  • Self-belief and motivation to succeed in achieving your goals

I specialise in unique and innovative ways to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I do this by providing assistance, guidance, support, alternatives, and accountability.

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No more time-draining, money-destroying squirrels!

Squirrels are the distractions taking your time and energy away from achieving your goals. They’re the hours you spend scrolling through Facebook and the time spent staring into space when you were wondering how to start your day. Squirrels don’t care if you’ve lost the whole morning when you had emails to write, phone calls to make or meetings to prepare for.

Left to their own devices, squirrels will sap your energy and destroy your motivation to achieve your goals. It’s time to take control of your actions and make the best use of your time.

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How Focus Guru works:

It all starts with a phone conversation about your current lifestyle and business practices. I’ll ask a few questions about where you are and where you want to be, including asking about any obstacles, blockers or hurdles you need to overcome.

The phone call leads into a detailed review of your processes, systems, and procedures. I’ll help make recommendations for using your time twice, prioritising tasks, and find your underlying motivation to succeed.

Along the way, I’ll offer advice to help keep your energy and enthusiasm levels up. I believe our minds and bodies are intrinsically connected. Through a healthy body I believe our minds perform better. We can think clearer and act quicker when we feel better. We have more focus. This is rooted in nutrition, skin care and healthy energy drinks, which you can choose whether to try samples or a healthy living programme which complements your lifestyle and business goals.

Following the review, I’ll offer a range of suggestions to move you forward towards your goals. These will include prioritising key tasks, using technology to save time, implementing streamlined processes for you and your staff. I’ll also provide accountability and regular check-ins to make sure the new procedures are working and to make sure you’re keeping on track with your goals.

The day I started working with Rachael I secured a big contract, and this forced me to look at my time management. Instead of wasting time scratching my head wondering what to do next, the software packages Rachael found and the systems she has introduced me to mean I can track the time spent on each client and manage my planning much better. I am emotionally happier and more in control running my business.” – Belinda Carp.

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Would you like to get started with Focus Guru?

I’d love to help you regain your time, energy, and focus. I’ll give you the motivation, systems, and accountability to achieve your goals. Please call me on 07756 772950 and let’s get started.

Rachael Chiverton, Focus Guru – Giving You Your Time, Your Way

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