Focus on Amazon Categories

After co-authoring Focus on 52 ways to Achieve Work / Life Balance with myself, Jenny was so impressed with the 33 category selections she found for the book that she asked Rachael to look into categories for her other books.

Sneak peak at part of the back cover
Part of the back cover

After a brief call so Jenny could explain the ideas behind and the story of each book, Rachael went away to research relevant categories.

On average Rachael finds 40 categories for each book and she can even advise you on how many books you need to sell in an hour to reach the Top 10 in each category as well as be “The Best Seller” in each category.

This allows you not only to get your book listed in more categories on Amazon, it gives you the insight to know which category is most likely to get you the  accolade of “Best Seller” to add gravitas to yourself and all future books.